Your First Battle

If memory serves, my first battle was rain stall (me) vs another stall team with a Celebi/Porygon2 core. The battle lasted over 90 turns, but my opponent had the upper hand pretty much the whole time.
The bad memories... I remember using a BP Mew with Amnesia and Barrier, and Recover. I set up on a Volcanora, I BPed +6 Def and SpDef to Blissey with Toxic, Seismic Toss, Wish and something else... And I thought it was a good team too. Posted it in the RMT section and defended it like a noob. I can't even find it. So bad that the thread probably got deleted. :P
Well, at least nobody can see how noobish I was. Yay, the joy.
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Gen 4: Gastrodon - Pikachu - Jirachi - Salamence - Weavile - Shedninja

If I remember I won because I was facing someone terrible for like a gym league. Shedy pulled the win.
It might not have been my first battle, but I remember having a tag battle between my friends back in Gen 3. I led with Kyogre, my one friend on the other team led with Groudon, and my brother and other friend led with other Pokemon I can't remember. His Groudon was slower so sun was up and I knew he'd Solarbeam Kyogre (because that's obviously what you use on Groudon to hit Kyogre) so I switched to Rayquaza to eat an essentially 30 BP Solarbeam after making his first turn useless.

Don't remember what happened after that aside from the fact we won.

Edit: Oh and none of these Pokemon had good EVs or IVs. I didn't even know what those were until partway through Gen 4.
My first 3rd team had minimize Blissey and brick break alakazam, solar beam exeggutor and jynx with ice beam and blizzard.

Then i got shoddy battle and used noobvire, dusknoir, ambipom on the same team.
As far as I can remember, it was gen. 4. I had SkarmBliss, Salamence, Ape and others I sdon't remember. I actually did rather well with that team, literally 6-0ing a hail team(All ice types naturally) once with Ape.
I started battling competitively midway through B/W before B2/W2 came out, and despite playing and owning White my pride and joy was my Soul Silver playthrough team of Meganium/Pidgeot/Gengar/Alakazam/Umbreon/Mamoswine. I decided to make that team on PO with the exact moves/items/natures/etc. as on my cart and use it in B/W OU, except I guessed on the EVs because I was clueless on those at the time. I pulled off a fluke win here and there, but for the most part I was beaten pretty bad just about every time.
My friend and I used one Pokemon for out battle. I chose my Lucario while she chose Empoleon. Gladly, I won. :)
I found some online Pokemon battling site a few years ago, made a strange team (I remember I had Lapras and Starmie with Confuse Ray/Recover/TWave and some water type move, IIRC), and got destroyed by some Claydol. I had no idea what to do against Claydol, as I didn't even know his type, so I was just spamming whatever and hoping for the best (Y U NO PARALYZE OMGZ). Funny part is, there was a spectator on this battle, tutoring my opponent :P

I played a few more games after that, even won like two, but called it quits afterwards and started playing competitive again somewhere near the end of 2012. Still doing it just for fun, though.
My first battle... oh boy... I used 4 (5?) dragons (Haxours, Hydreigon, Salamence, kingdra w/out SS), I used Charizard, and lastly I used Aggron. Needless to say I got schmoodled by a cloyster. I came back a month later after talking to my cousin who battles a bunch on showdown.
I was using Focus Punch Breloom and I kept using Spore and for some odd reason it kept failing

That was when i learned about the sleep clause
My first Showdown battle was when all the info for Pokemon Black/White were put in from the Japanese release..

There were no tiers yet and I was running Contrary Leaf Storm Serperior 8)
I remember tail glow passing with volbeat to scarf zard in nu and sweeping so many people and i thought i was good :c
I had watched a vid on competitive battling team design and watched a few before starting, so I might've had an unfair advantage. I utilized the marriland team builder for types as well, which was slightly misleading as I looked for coverage advantages.


I actually won my first battle (And quite a few after, I must say) until I started running into opponents that knew what they were doing. It was the fact that none of my pokemon followed a set that was well known. Hell, my flygon was lefties special. But umbreon/weezing proved to be a fallback walling core that could tackle a lot of pokemon and so I managed some success. Eventually, I shifted down to UU where I stayed for a long while. I think the fact that I watched so many videos before hand saved me
Won because of Sleep Powder spam by Chloro Venusaur. Had no knowledge about sleep clause whatsoever and my oppo weren't complaining either.
I remember that I won 1 of my first battles, because my scizor broke through para,attract and confusion-hax and hit a joelton as i can remember, with a focust blast xD (yeah I carried FB on scozor lol)
My first battle on Showdown was a completely randomised one. I got a level 99 Poliwag, and thought I would totally fail, but after one belly drum it proceeded to sweep my opponent's entire team. IIRC it was a chesto-rest set with Belly drum, rest, return, and waterfall. It was amazing, and, pretty terrifying.
I can't remember any details about my first battle on Netbattle. Hell I can't even remember what account I used. All I know is it was a baton pass team because I really wanted Scizor to be good (Gamefreak would grant me my wish with platinum years later). I think my "goal" was to pass Swords Dance and agility to... it was either metagross or Heracross (the other was a CB I had on the team). I can't remember anything else except for me not wanting to use Skarm or Bliss.

I clearly remember having an absurd fascination with the Tyraniboah set as well, but I think that came later.

I joined Smogon around DP times, though. My first wi-fi battle was this one on youtube. It was some tournament that permitted a single uber per team. I clearly remember that team. I only won because he swaggered my Gliscor instead of killing it lol

I also swept the next 2 matches 6-0 with DDtauntdos lol. Beginners luck.
I used to battle my friends with Blaziken, Rayquaza, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Gengar, and Alakazam, something like that. Of course, this was back in the days when Gengar's Ice Punch and Alakazam's Fire Punch (which took me freaking forever to dig up the BP for) were still Special. I had no concept of tiers, but I wrecked, even when my friends used teams that would be considered similarly tiered.

I've battled online a bit this gen, the first in which I've done so, with Chesnaught, Heliolisk, Gengar, Hawlucha, Blastoise, and Ledian/Butterfree. I do pretty well.
I remember my first battle on Shoddy. I was using like Specs Starmie, Baton Pass Ninjask, 2 Stealth Rock users (one of them was a Steelix I think?), Sub Agility Empoleon, and DD Dragonite. When I first started getting into competitive Pokemon I knew the basics because I watched a lot of youtube videos about Wifi battles. But yeah, I actually won my first game, lmao.
Your first game in black/white x/y?
This showdown battle was pretty neat though, posting it because i just watched it.
Generation 4: Mamoswine, Flygon, Heatran, Jumpluff, Lucario, and ... something.

I had Blaze Kick on Lucario, Sunny Day / Sleep Powder on Jumpluff, Scarfed Flygon, Lead 'swine, Sub, FB + two other attacks on 'tran. Won me a ton of matches, for the sheer shitshow factor and for the overpowered Heatran in the Sun. I miss Jumpluff :)

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